Blue Flower

Power of Habit

General Idea

In general, believing that willpower is a habit, however, forming habits are hard and therefore they won't come easy.  You will have to give away bad habits and adopt new ones that you think will suit your goals for the future.  Your habit will become part of you.  Things that you do without a second thought will be an habit and can be developed by hardworking and believing it that you can.

The book talk about different type of people with different type of settings.  How habit can be a good thing on the other hand can be bad depending on the environment and our experiences in our lifetime and that make us unique from all of us.

For instance, a guy with no hopes was able to become a manager of the two coffee stores after corporate training programs by the Starbuck, which helped him developed habits of time management and dealing with people.

How an execute was able to turned a company with work related accidents to no accident by developing habit loop for Alcoa.

And, then how bad habits can turn in to disaster when many of the Rhode Island nurses and doctors were playing with patients lives.  After management changed and by developing good habits for the staff, the Rhode Island hospital went from lowest ranking to one of the best hospital in the country.

So same exact stuff what I do does not mean will work for you too.  Because of our unique experiences that have changed our chemistry they we do things and think, we should try new experiences to find what will work for you to suit your unique being.

To change bad habits to good one, we should concentrate on three patterns and reverse engineer it to break it.

  1. Find the Cue that trigger the habit
  2. What is that routine or action you take
  3. And what do you get out of it, the reward